About Gunupur Municipality

This Gunupur Municipality has been constituted with the following villages and started functioning w.e.f. 01.04.2018 vide Notification No.  336 dated 08.03.2018.      The Geographical Area of this N.A.C. is 17.23 Sq. Kms. and the total population is 28,870 as per 2011 Census. Marathiguda village is adjacent to this N.A.C. has come up as a  fast growing  Township  where different Offices of State Government and Central Government, Judicial Courts, Schools, Colleges, Banks and multiple business establishments have been located. Recently, 2(two) villages namely Marathiguda of Regada Gram Panchayata and Soura Pradhani Guda of Chalkamba Gram Panchayata has been included in Gunupur Municipality vide Notification No-12799/HUD Dtd. 27.05.16. In pursuance of Govt. in H&UD Deptt. Gazettes Notification No.-336 dtd. 08.03.2018, the Gunupur NAC has been converted into Gunupur Municipality.
This Municipality having with 17 wards with Population 28,870.
                               Male                   Female               Total
Census-2011        14,382                 14,488                28,870

Gunupur Municipality strives to bring about both qualitative and quantitative changes in the living standard of the urban people by putting emphasis on the following areas:-

    • Strengthening urban infrastructure, viz: roads with drain, water supply.
    • Efficient solid waste management.
    • Development of public amenities including Public Park, urban greenery and conservation of water bodies.
    • Urban reforms and e-governance.
    • Urban Planning.
    • Provision of housing in the urban area and especially for the urban poor.
    • Skill up-gradation and financial support to the urban poor.



Manoj Kumar Tandi, OMAS