Trade License is a service delivered to the citizen for the allotment of trade licenses for the businesses which are being conducted by the citizen. It comprises of the application for new trade licenses by the trader / renewal of trade licenses every year, approval of the trade license by the respective authorities at the ULB and subsequently, payment by the trader after which the trade license is allotted to the trader. The authority for the allotment of new trade licenses lies with the respective ULB wherein the trade is to be conducted.
Citizen Access Point at the ULB

Application for new trade license: License Inspector at the ULB where the trade is to be conducted
Payment of demand for the trade license: Tax-Collector at the ULB where the trade is to be conducted
Entry Conditions
The following SLAs applies from the date when the trader applies for the trade license at the 
       ULB along with the complete set of documents
The minimum documents required for renewal of trade license are:

  1. Original License copy
  2. Previous year fees Challan
  3. Up to date tax paid receipt
  4. The trader shall be provided an acknowledgement receipt with a unique identification number which shall act as a reference for all further issues until the trade license number is generated.
  5. The trader shall ensure full co-operation at the time of verification of the trade license and shall ensure presence when the Tax Collector & License Inspector is going for a field visit.

Payment Details
The payment required for issuance of trade license is Demand Payment for the license for the Current financial year
The value of the Demand Payment is decided based on the type of trade and the items of trade and the respective quantity of the items.
Possible Slack Times
The possible slack times in the above flow are:

  1. Entry of offline request submitted by the citizen into the application / Filing of request in case of ULBs where e-Municipality is not in use.
  2. Field Verification of the trade license by the License Inspector.

The following cases are exceptions where the above SLAs shall not be applicable

  1. Trader is yet to submit the complete set of documents for the approval of the trade license.
  2. The trade or the associated assets like holding etc on which the trade is being conducted has been found to be under dispute which shall involve legal interruption.

Action to be taken
The following action shall be taken in case the above SLAs are not adhered to:
For ULBs which come under the purview of e-Municipality

  1. SMS Message and e-Mail shall be sent to the next approver since one day before the completion of the SLA for that stage until the task is completed
  1. In case of the final stage before Generation of trade license no, SMS and e-Mail shall be sent to the current approver each day until the trade license is approved.

For all cases the citizen can take the following action if the trade license is not issued within 30 days

  1. The citizen can appeal to the designated Appellate Authority and Reviewing Authority for the said service in case the trade license is not issued within 15 days


Municipal Corporation

Municipal Council


Appellate Authority


Executive Officer

Executive Officer

Reviewing Authority

Director, Municipal Administration




Manoj Kumar Tandi, OMAS